January 28, 2013

A little update.

Despite the crazy cold temperatures (-40's (Celsius) all week long) we managed to stay warm and have a pretty fantastic past week! Now that things are slowing down a bit after Christmas, we've had a bunch of time off, and have spent it baking, making pots of soup and organizing our homes! Here's a sneak at what we've been up to...

We finally got our front window replaced at the shop, so we had a lot of fun re-doing displays, and jazzing up the shop! We added that white cabinet for our housewares, and just changed everything up, and it feels great!

In other news...

We were over the moon when we got an email from H&M, one of our favorite stores contacted us to be featured on their website! You can read the little blurb over here on their lifestyle section.

Not only were we featured over at H&M this week, but our shop, The Lovely Closet was featured on one of our all time favorite magazine's website-Frankie! You can take a closer look over here!

Also, a few weeks back we booked our flights back to Bangkok for April! 10 more weeks until we leave!
What have you cats been up to lately? 
Erin & Stef


  1. How awesome! Congrats ladies! P.S Wish I could travel with you.

  2. Woow!Amazing girls!
    H&M is my favourite store all the time to shopt at,besides vintage!Sooo,I would really go crazy for this one!


  3. Love the shop front! Looks awesome! One of these days I definitely need to make the 14 hour drive out to Winnipeg and see your shop in person.

  4. what an exciting week, girlies!!!


  5. Congratulations on the amazing recognition!! Also yeahh for getting your window fixed!! If I am ever in your neck of the woods I HAVE to stop in!! Ooo bangkok??!! So exciting!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  6. All these things sound really amazing, good job girls! Featured on H&M and Frankie!!!!

    Oh my when I read you've been having -40 degrees celsius, I can not even think what that would be like. I mean, I was whining about -3..! I know you have been posting something about your clothes, but can you show us (me) what you really wear when going out and about? Because I would stay at home in my thickest clothes I have hanging in my closet. Right now I am living in Paris, living my dream, and I simply don't feel as classy as these Parisians because I simply don't know what to wear. Finally today the warmth is coming back to us..! So my problems will be solved, but when it was minus and snowing and freezing I really didn't know what to wear.
    So do you have really hot summers over there then? We don't... :( I live in the Netherlands (just for 2 months I live in Paris) and there it actually always feels like autumn. You have 3 weeks of heat and after that, you can kiss summer goodbye.


  7. Sounds like lovely adventures! I just happened to stumble on your blog, I love all the fun stuff happening :) Can't wait to read more. xx Fel


  8. I adore that stripped dress! I may have to trek over in the cold. So glad to have it a bit warmer at least only for a few days! Congrats on all the "press"

  9. your store looks so glamorous <3


  10. So amazing! I LOVE frankie magazine - my fave! Congrats to you! :)

  11. Congrats ladies! You guys deserve it with all your hard work. We have had +40 degrees Celsius here in Australia! The earth is so funny how it can be so extreme in two places in any given time :)

    - Kate Xx


  12. Yay for Frankie magazine! Your online shop is adorable :) I've got my eye on a couple wonderful little pieces.



  13. Lovely shop...

    good luck for everything..


  14. Stefanie and Erin,

    I just wanted to say that I really admire you two. I know that you are just beginners like me but you have accomplished so much and worked hard and are succeeding!

    Congratulations on the recent press and on your future trip to Thailand. You two sure do inspire me in my pursuits.



  15. Congratulations on the features! This only shows how amazing (and yummy) your blog is! :)

    Since you're going to Bangkok, why not hop a little to the Philippines? You'd love shopping in here :)

    xx Justine