January 27, 2013

Mid century color inspiration.

Choosing paint colors for your home can be a very intimidating job because there are endless options and color combinations. So it's best to do your research ahead of time and ask yourself some simple questions like: "What colors am I attracted to?" and "What sort of rooms am I drawn to; simple and neutral or bright and bold?" and "What feeling do I want my room to have?" If the answer to any of those questions is "mid century modern rooms with neutral walls and pops of bright color scattered throughout" then we have the perfect color palette for you!

We made a simple mid century color palette which includes some neutral tones of cream, off-white, tan, and brown along with bold pops of burnt orange and turquoise. We really like how the rooms in these photos have neutral walls and keep the focal point of the room on the bold color of the amazing vintage furniture. This is a great way to showcase your unique furniture to it's full potential by not having any competing colors on the walls. Obviously this isn't the only way to create a mid century feel in your home and there are many other retro-inspired colors to chose from, these are just some of our favorites. We will be sharing more color combos in the future, but for now take a peek at this pretty retro color palette and maybe take some inspiration for your own space.

And the best thing about paint? It's not permanent. It can always be changed. Trust us when we say that we definitely speak from experience. I couldn't tell you how many different colors I've tried out in my house over the years, but that's all part of the experimenting fun!

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  1. This is a great post! I find it hard trying to think of colour palettes for our home :) And like you say paint is never permanent so can be changed whenever you want. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Lulu xx


  2. That turquoise living room set is amazing!
    xx Allison

  3. These are the colors in my apt that I tend to choose! I love turquoise!



  4. I went WILD with color when I moved into my house...it looked like the Simpsons in here, which was fun for awhile, but drove me a bit nuts over time. I actually settled on a nice dark teal for the living room walls, and with my new orange couch it's my favorite room ever. Blue + Orange 4 EVA! :)

  5. this is great, I'm in lovee with vintage inspired from your bloh, and this post is amazing.. thank you for share with us..


  6. ooooo ! I love the couches on that shag pile rug. just so cosy !



  7. Loving that colour palette! I'm a huge fan of paint - and chalk and anything that can be put on walls that will change when my tastes do 6 months later!

  8. I love this colour palette so much! That bright turquoise is my favourite!