April 29, 2013

Kitchen love.

Well, good news! We survived our crazy weekend and don't worry we will share the exciting details with you all very soon! Everything went so well and we're a little sad that it's over, but we are thrilled to have a little bit of a breather this week and catch up on things. 
Ok enough about us, let's get to the point here and today that is beautiful colorful kitchens! If there was only  one single room in our homes that we were allowed to have color we would chose our kitchens! Take a peek at some of our favorite kitchens on the web right now.
The yellow tiles in this kitchen make it look like the happiest place on Earth!

Kitchen Love. So perfect!

These cabinets are to die for! They are perfect and neutral, but imagine all of the colorful dishes you could load them with!

Love this vintage kitchen. The colors, those drawers and that light!

The Walker residence is pretty unbelievable, and this kitchen is proof!


  1. That top kitchen is absolutely beautiful, I would love a space like that x

  2. My kitchen needs some color on the cabinets. Right now our kitchen is a mint green. But I'd like to get some color or red-orange on the cabinets!

    Wanna follow each other?
    The Nautical Owl

  3. Completely utterly in love with that third kitchen!

    All in a Soiree

  4. I love the second down! (Love, gettit?) The green looks so good with the brass pans

  5. Love these! My favourite storage is the second picture, love the books/pots shelf. :) x


  6. Wow wow wow! The Walker residence is amaaaazing!


  7. I loved loved loved the First and the Third kitchen !


  8. I love the pop of yellow in that first picture! It brightens it up so much.


  9. I love the bold use of color - arrrggghhhh - I must get rid of my maple cabinets!

  10. Ah, these are all so beautiful! I really enjoy the pop of the bright yellow in the first kitchen but I feel if I were to have a kitchen of my own in the future, it'd be a lot like the last one. The colours are not as bright but they most certainly are there - more subtle but still eye-catching. And don't get me started on that cabinet space!

  11. The second is my absolute favourite! But these are all so beautiful! If only I can have in infinite number of houses for every motif there is! :P Hahaha.


  12. Love the vintage kitchen!! We have run into a few kitchens lately that have been relatively untouched over the last 50-60 years, some with great boomerang counter tops and original appliances. We snap pictures when we can! (Rob)