May 7, 2013

It's all in the lighting.

The secret is always in the lighting. Here are some of our current favorite light fixtures:

Isn't this Envelamp wooden light absolutely darling? I would love to have this beauty hanging above my kitchen table.

Not only do we love this cute orange light fixture, but we also love the bold color palette of this kitchen!

Love the way this rustic farmhouse-inspired lamp is hung off-center and contrasts well against the photo collage on the wall.

Pretty mid-century light cluster.

These geometric copper light fixtures are nothing short of incredible.



  1. I'm a huge fan of ambient lighting - it makes everything look 10 times better at night!
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  2. Indeed, lighting is a key piece to every decoration! It's amazing how it can change completely a room and give it a mood as well! Great post!

  3. SO mod. I like these. However, we have two young kids, and the place will never stay this clean.

  4. loved this inspiration - trying to pick out light fixtures for our new apartment and its a little intimidating!

  5. great photographs here, very inspirational :D xx

  6. Lighting can definitely make a room. I'm so ready to replace all the lighting in our house, but since we have cathedral ceilings, we'll need to hire someone to do it, and that costs big $. One day we'll get rid of the hideous brass fixtures we have!