June 30, 2013

Blast from the past.

Today we are going to share some home inspiration with you in the form of two incredible time capsule houses. Yes, we realize that both homes are slightly over the top when it comes to decor, but that's exactly what we love about them. You rarely see extravagant colorful homes like these anymore, and quite frankly we find them to both be pretty incredible.

No, this isn't a movie set for some elaborate 70's movie, this is an actual time capsule home located in Nashville, Tennessee that was built in 1974. It's absolutely amazing what great condition it is still in! We are totally digging the yellow bedroom with the raised platform for the bed with bedding that matches the wallpaper. However, I think our favorite room in the house would have to be the bathroom though. I mean, how incredible is that sunken tub surrounded by plants and accompanied with pops of bright yellow everywhere? Wow-ee. Oh, and of course you can't forget the chartreuse shag carpeted staircase in the foyer. SO good. 

*You can find more photos of this incredible 70's home here.*

This ranch style house was built in 1957, making it slightly older than the previous home. The focal point of the house has to be the stunning circular brick fireplace surrounded by a curved half-circle living room. How fun would it be hosting parties in an incredible space like that? We also absolutely love the kitchen. Look at all of that turquoise counter space! We are in mid century heaven. Oh speaking of turquoise, check out that beautiful sunken tiled jacuzzi tub! Judging from the past two home tours, we really have a thing for sunken tubs. Hmm.. interesting.

*You can find more photos of this gorgeous 50's ranch house here.*
Both home tours found via Pam Kueber at Retro Renovation.

Happy Sunday, friends!  XO


  1. That yellow house is so stunning! I can't help but smile.


  2. that yellow house is fantastic!

  3. Wow, that was A LOT of yellow!
    And I am really intrigued by the bit of bathroom we can see in the last picture...


  4. I think the modern style homes are quite boring - even though living with these styles would take a bit of patience - it's the over the top decor that makes it stylish. I agree though - that bathroom is fantastic - love everything about it!

  5. Woah, both of these houses are super dreamy! I can't believe the yellow foil wallpaper in the first house and totally love the rounded couch to match the rounded walls in the second home. Too good!

    Ladyface Blog

  6. Oh my gosh, that yellow house is fantastic! I don't care if it's a little over-the-top, I would totally live there. I've always dreamed of having a spiral staircase, and I love the lighting in the bathroom. Super cute!

    xo. Mandy

  7. The ranch style house is lovely! Beautiful photos :) x


  8. The 50's ranch house !!!! LOVE IT.

    Alex from www.polkadottedpixels.com

  9. I would use the lowered tub as a pond and put goldfish in it!

  10. Total blast from the past - especially that turquoise kitchen!

    My childhood home was built by an American couple in the 1950s - but in northern England. It's something of a one-off in the neighbourhood. When we moved into the house in the 1990s, it still had a pink bathroom and a turquoise kitchen so similar to the one you show.

    It's now gone, as my parents have gradually updated and renovated. Looking at these pictures made me wish we'd left it as was. Thank you for sharing these pictures.