July 12, 2013

Summer lovin'.

You guys, I'm not gonna lie I'm sorta bummed out that it is Friday already... not because the weekend is just around the corner, but because that just means that another summer week has passed us by! Nooo... it's flying by way too fast! I wish these hot days and warm nights would last forever.

On that note, here is our weekly dose of our favorite lovely things:

We are absolutely loving this dresser makeover! The white paint really accentuates the scalloped cuts in the wood. Amazing.  "Revitalized Artistry" by Christopher White via Design Sponge

These adorable polka dot loafers from American Apparel are at the top of our wish lists!

I can't get enough of this beautiful photograph. I love everything about it; the rustic table, the cute printed glass and the fresh picked flowers. Wish this was what my next picnic looked like.

Gorgeous building exterior in Eastern Algarve, Portugal. Another reason to travel more.

Last but certainly not least, three delicious flavored waters to make for your next barbeque party.

Hope you all have fantastic sun-filled weekend!


  1. I'm OBSESSED with flavored and scented waters right now...
    Also, that dresser in the first pic is amazing and I need need need to find one like it.

    <3 dani

  2. Some lovely pictures in this post! I especially like the one with the daisies & glass of water - so cute! Lovely blog by the way - adorable!
    Rachael x
    Rachaeleeno | Beauty, Fashion & Thoughts

  3. Those polka dot shoes are to die for! What a gorgeous color! That picture from Eastern Algarve, Portugal is calling my name- wanderlust!
    Simply Akshara

  4. Love that dresser and those flavoured waters look delicious! xx

  5. Summer is going by way too fast this year! How is apricot season already almost over? That dresser makeover is amazing and I love all the tasty looking flavored waters!

    Ladyface Blog

  6. Those infused waters look so refreshing. I've never tried using berries before, but that sounds delicious!

  7. OH WOW that dresser is gorgeous!!!

  8. OH MY GOD, the dresser and the AA loafers are THE BEST! I must have the loafers.

    Alex from www.polkadottedpixels.com