August 16, 2013

Living for the weekend.

Happy Friday everybody! Got any fantastic weekend plans in store? 
These beet burgers are definitely on my to make list!

Oh my gosh! I stumbled across this photo while looking for rhubarb recipes...their names are Mabel & Rhubarb! Bahhh too cute!

To continue on with my rhubarb tasty do these rhubarb fizz cocktails look?

This tattoo is picture perfect. Original source of this photo unknown, let us know if you know it!

This photo is from a engagement shoot shot at Camp Wandawega. How cozy does this sunroom look?

This looks absolutely amazing. Laying on the edge of a cliff, looking out at the sea and reading a book in the sun. Sign a girl up! Original photo source unknown as well.


  1. That tattoo is amazing!! xx

  2. a beet burger, how fascinating! ill have to try!

  3. The sunroom is lovely! What a great idea of a place to go for an engagement shoot! Some great stuff :)

  4. Oh!! I love beet I've gotta try those burgers :3
    A good friend of mine has a "wanderlust" tattoo, it's such a lovely word..

  5. Oh, those rhubarb fizzes look sooooo goooooood.

    Rachael of THE PARADERS

  6. This is just crazy! Your post came up on my bloglovin to-read-list today - and we had a BBQ for which I made these beet burgers yesterday!
    Did you try them? I liked them a lot but I'm going to use feta instead of tofu next time
    (+ "wanderlust" is one of my favourite words!)

    Have a great Sunday :)