August 5, 2013

Sometimes less isn't more.

There is a certain charm that a wall packed full of interesting art possesses. With so many different pieces to look at, your eye doesn't know where to look first! It definitely makes a great statement piece or focal wall. I am really into this idea, now I just need to find a few more prints, photographs, paintings, etc... ha.

I think that this cluster of old black and white photographs is absolutely incredible. What a beautiful statement it makes. This would also be a such a unique way to display your family tree!

Ooh yes! We always love using wooden pant hangers as an inexpensive way to hang our fun prints! 
This colorful wall is too cute.

Wow, this wall is incredible! We are loving the mix of mediums in this nature theme: paintings and sketches mixed with framed plants and insects. What a brilliant idea. We've gotta admit that the butterflies are our favorite part of this wall. How pretty! 

We always love a good black and white photobooth picture and we really like how they incoporated some strips of photobooth photos into this wall collage. Great idea!

Hope you all are enjoying your August Long Weekend! I know we sure are! XO


  1. These are so good! I'm trying to do my hallway like this with embroidery, but it's taking a while to build up my collection!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I love the last picture, it certainly makes for an impressive feature wall. I'm definitely going to have to find lots of pictures and paintings to do this now!

  3. I love this idea too! It's beautiful clutter, where it seems your whole life is out on display for the world to see.

  4. I can't stand a bare wall. I can't stand a wall that has had a half hearted attempt at making it interesting. These are right up my ally.
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    1. Hi Guys, thanks for including our home in your round-up.

      The butterflies were sourced at various thrift stores/markets and a few on Gumtree, our local version of Craigslist. It came together over the course of several months and several of the pieces are family heirlooms.


  5. I love all of these! More is more! Maybe this is why I have a frame collage in every room... Happy Monday!

  6. LOVE this. i am building a wall of all black frames - both matte and high-gloss frames. i'm trying to fit them as close together as possible, and i can be too picky about the placing, and if they are straight. it's nice to see all of these and realize that it still looks great when they are not perfectly lined up :)

  7. I like that idea, too! (Although the last one is a little too much, but I like the man's hat ;)) But I guess my boyfriend would hate it.

  8. These are all SO great! I love clusters of wall art, especially with bright colors. The black & white portrait one is my favorite and I've been wanting to do something similar with some vintage family photos that I have. Great inspiration!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  9. I love this look. We moved to a new house and haven't put up any art yet. I want to do this in my studio.

  10. I adore clusters of art like this. I intend to create one myself at some point in my life.


  11. we love the first photo!

  12. Such beautiful and inspiring pictures!

    Erin, xx

  13. I'm pretty IN LOVE with these! I would love to do this at my house! :)

  14. I used to be such a minimalist, but after having lived in a very small space for the past year & having moved from a 2 bedroom house, I've opted for hanging everything on the walls of my tiny apartment and it's actually quite cozy!

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    Just want to let you know I have referred to this post on my blog!

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  16. This is such a great idea for when you have an open blank wall, I'm due to have my room decorated and I'm looking for some inspiration!
    I may have to adopt this idea in my room :-)

    thanks! love the blog too