August 27, 2013

Stef's Top 10 Favorite Instagrammers.

Last week Erin shared a list of her top 10 favorite Instagrammers so I thought I might as well share mine too! If you are looking for some new Instagram inspiration these lovelies are my top picks:
(Also feel free to follow along with me at "ohsolovelstef")

 Everything that "krystelroxanne" takes a photo of looks truly magical. Forests, castles and old books filled with pressed flowers. Seriously this girl is from another world.

 Follow "birdandcleaver"if you want to see the prettiest most appetizing-looking table settings.

If you like adorable girls with vintage-inspired tattoos then "fifilewsis" is your gal. She is the co-owner of a Frontier Tattoo Parlour in the U.K. How rad is that?

All of  "beckybird"s photos make me want to run away to a dreamy cabin in the woods. Also, she is the singer for one of my favorite bands, The Honey Trees.

 "kkwolfe" is a fellow Winnipegger and is a total babe. Like whoa.

A selection of cheese and cured meats for breakfast. Annmeer is a girl after my own heart. (Not to mention she also has the cutest kitchen!)

I had the privilege of working with the talented "misschristienicole" at a boutique here in Winnipeg a few years ago. Now she has started designing her own backpacks and bags and they are too cute.

Not only does this lady post photos of adorable vintage items, but she also has an Etsy shop so you can buy your own! Follow along with "prettylittlefawn" to get your vintage fix!

This Norwegian gal always makes me want to travel more and go on more adventures. She also kinda makes me wish I hadn't chopped off my hair. Follow "peculiarmee" to live vicariously through her beautiful travels.

Fellow blogger Mandy from Making Nice in the Midwest recently joined the Instagram world and I couldn't be happier! She loves vintage as much as I do and has such an eye for photography (she also has the cutest little girl ever!) Be sure to follow "mandimakes" if you aren't already!



  1. Aww all of these are beautiful :)

  2. OOO what a great post! I'm obsessed with Instagram for cool vintage pictures and style photos. I love instagram and believe it will be taking over Facebook as thew new thing. It's awesome that we don't have to be bombarded with ads and that we can follow so many cool people around the world! :)

    Thanks for your tips!


  3. These are all so wonderful!
    I especially love krystelroxanne's and peculiarmee's instagrams.
    Thanks for the tips!


  4. wow so beautiful. Love your blog :)

  5. This is a lovely post and I definitely followed a few instagrammers that you mentioned. It's one of my favourite social networks. I'm at bekkacollins if you want to check out my instagram :)

  6. I love finding new instagrammers to follow! All of these look so inspiring! x

  7. Thanks so much for featuring me! I"m flattered. So excited to check out all of these other feeds as well!

  8. wow these really are fab instagrammers, thanks for sharing :) xx

  9. Wow I love all instagrammers that you follow,
    photos are so inspiring !