September 6, 2013

Friday faves.

It's a hot Friday afternoon here and as soon as I'm off work I plan on soaking in as much of that late summer heat as possible! First things first though - it's time for another round of lovely inspiration.

This eccentric kitchen makes me miss my bold turquoise walls.

Overalls + stripes. Staples in my fall wardrobe.

More stripes. Also totally loving this fall look. 

Adorable hanging rug. Great wall decor idea!

Just because it's almost fall that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy an ice cream cone or two, right? If you're feeling extra ambitious you should try this recipe for homemade Kaffir Lime Mango Ice Cream. It looks pretty delicious to me.

Have a good weekend lovelies. xo


  1. I've never thought to use a rug as a wall hanging. It's so pretty! I want to try that ice cream ASAP. It sounds delicious!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Oooh kitchen inspiration <3 I always dream about what my perfect kitchen would look like :D

  3. The kitchen is amazing! Great pictures. xxx

  4. Oh I love that arrow necklace on the overalls picture!!! Where did you find that image - must get that necklace haha!

  5. That kitchen!
    That window and pretty view!!
    Those clothes!!!
    That hanging rug!!!!
    That ice cream!!!!!

    Love E V E R Y T H I N G

    - i s a @ Head Red + Blondi