October 25, 2013

Random love.

Hi guys! Well, we are still living it up in Bali (sorry to rub it in) and we hope that all is well on the home front. Here's a few things that we've been loving lately...
Sweatshirt // Pick-up line coasters // Granola // Farfalle necklace
Our pals over at the Drake Hotel recently launched their online store - Drake General Store, and we are loving it! We know where we're doing a bunch of our Christmas shopping this year, they really do have something for everyone!
They are offering our readers a 20% discount if you use the code OHSOLOVELYVINTAGE
If you're ever in Toronto, you should definitely make sure you visit them!

A pretty girl with a nice coat and the perfect beret. Photo by @fashionising on Instagram.

Beret's make us think of cute french girls carrying baguettes, so we thought we'd share this delicious looking garlic bread recipe found here.

Perfect words by Dr Seuss.

The fluffiest cat you ever did see!


  1. I love everything you two find!
    I always love it all, and that cat tops it off perfectly!! So F L U F F Y !

    - Isabelle @ Head Red + Blondi

  2. So great selection!! this cat is adorable :D

  3. these finds make me smile. i'll take the bread and the cat please!

  4. I'm so happy when you said that you were in Bali..
    I'm from Indonesia...and Bali is one of beautiful island in Indonesia..
    How do you think?? are you enjoyed your visit??

  5. I have that HBC sweater, it is so lovely and cozy!

  6. Oh how I love Bali! I've been there four times, and I want to go back so bad! Aren't the people just lovely!

    p.s. I want that cat!

  7. That sweatshirt... I NEED that sweatshirt!!!
    L A