November 20, 2013

Burgundy & navy

Lately my closet seems to be expanding at a rapid pace in two sections...maroon or wine colors, and navy. They are both so good on their own, and are pretty perfect together. In fact I'm wearing both colors as I type this. Do you have a color that you've been wearing repeatedly lately?
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  1. Pea green and mustard have been my go to colors recently. I love the look of maroon and navy, though! #3 is so adorable!

  2. I love the navy jacket and burgundy dress! Great picks!

  3. Pink... I don't love this colours before, but lately I have so much pink colors in my closet and I start to love this.. it's nice..

  4. These are lovely colours that I also gravitate towards! (I think it's my husband's influence, as those are his favourite colours...) That burgundy coat is amazing.

  5. Those are my two favourite colours for Autumn & Winter! I have been wearing so much Navy recently, I just love it!
    Danielle || Lilyofthevalley

  6. Both those dresses are complete perfection. Literally you have picked my two fave colours. Dreamy! xoxo