November 24, 2013

You make a better door than a window.

Can we just talk about how important natural lighting is? From a girl that has horrible light in her home, the thought of huge windows and such soft light pouring in makes my heart almost skip a beat. One day...
Oivay. That exposed brick and that window, kind of looks too good to be true.

Everything about this space is dreamy!

Such dreamy natural light in this gorgeous space.

We love the pop of yellow against all the white!

This space is so pretty!


  1. I absolutely love having natural light. Currently, we don't have a space that has a lot of it, but when we look for our next place to rent it is a mini requirement of mine. That and adding lighter furniture to keep it light looking.

  2. Natural light makes such a difference! I used to live in a place that was dark almost all the time and I was super depressed when I lived there. Now I live in a place with south, east, and west facing windows so there is lovely light all the time. I adore it!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I love the first, second and last ones the most.....the second one reminds me of my old secondary school classroom :)
    I have tiny windows in my living room which are right on the public path, so I have to have voile's up all of the time......I'd love some of these spaces, and just think how much easier photography would be!

    (Dear Thirty)

  4. you are PREACHING TO THE CHOIR lady :) i have had such bad luck living in places with horrible amounts of natural light. my current place is the worst so when we finally buy a house that is going to be my NUMBER ONE priority. what is it that makes it so vital?

  5. Wonderful pictures. My apartment has little to no natural lighting, and I can really feel it messing with my mood.


  6. The first pic with a window on that brick wall is so perfect! It makes me wanna have such corner in my home wright now! :)