December 3, 2013

Simple DIY holiday wreath.

Now that December is here, I am in full Christmas mode! We went to a tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree on Sunday and today I am spending the day decorating our home. (Perhaps I'm extra excited for the holidays this year because this will be our first Christmas at our new house!) As you all know the holidays can get pricy mighty quickly with all of the gifts, decorations and big meals, so its great to save a few pennies where you can. I was looking into getting a new wreath for our front door and I knew I wanted one with lots of red berries, but most of those types ranged from $25-$40 so I figured I would try to make my own instead and I succeeded! If you're like me and in the market for a new wreath then try making this simple DIY holiday wreath for under $10:

 All you need is a basic wreath made of branches that you can get at any craft store for a few bucks and some branches with red berries and some hollly bunches that I picked up from the holiday section in the dollar store. I also wanted to add some dried baby's breath so I picked up a bunch for cheap at my local grocery store.

 The only semi-time consuming thing is drying out the baby's breath but even that doesn't take long, just make sure you have the flowers dried out before you begin.

 It was so simple to make this, all I did was weave the berry bunches and dried flowers through the branches of the wreath and tuck the ends behind so that it would lay flat. I decided to go for a sort of an asymmetrical look based off of a photo that I used for inspiration found here. I didn't end up using all of the branches and berries that I bought because I wanted to keep it more simple, so instead I used them in Christmas displays around my home. This wreath would also look cute with leafy branches, Christmas ornaments, or even things like pine-cones and acorns.

That's it! Easy as pie! A $10 wreath in under 10 minutes! Happy decorating!
XO, Stef


  1. Well done, crafty ladies! It's great to see everyone in the holiday spirit! (Rob)

  2. loving this post:)


  3. I can see you two get a lot of inspiration from DesignLoveFest!

  4. Really cute, I like the simplicity of it.

    Isabelle @ Head Red + Blondi