January 28, 2014

Soup's on.

So our temperatures here in Winnipeg this Winter have not been pleasant to say the least, but we've managed to stay warm (for the most part) thanks to the mass amounts of soup we've been making lately. 

Here are some recipes that we are planning on trying out soon:

Mmm...buttnernut squash soup with smoky chickpea croutons? Sign us up.

This white bean and potato soup looks incredible.

This sweet potato soup with harissa and greens looks really tasty too.

Do you have a favorite go-to soup recipe? We're always on the lookout for new recipes to try!


  1. yep, these pretty much all sound heavenly! my boyfriend and I make a lasagna soup that is so delicious. we just recently put it on our blog if you wan tto check it out! http://thesurznickcommonroom.blogspot.com/2014/01/lasagna-soup.html

    thanks for sharing these, I can't wait to try them!


  2. These all look so good!
    I love to browse Love & Lemons, she always has beautiful recipes that look absolutely scrumptious.
    You guys have inspired me, I want to make soup now.
    And that White Bean + Potato soup is making me hungry.

    Stay Warm! ;)
    Isabelle @ Head Red + Blondi

  3. Ooh that first soup looks lovely. I like to do a texture mix with soup. It's all about the contrast of having some crunch on the top. Love the idea of the chickpeas with it.

  4. This is so fancy! I definitely want to try one of these soups, the coconut soup sounds particularly interesting.


  5. These look so delicious! Winter time always makes me crave soup, although winter in Australia (I'm from Canada) is a lot different than what I'm used to! Right now it's way too hot! Have you seen the grilled cheese croutons? Basically really crispy grilled cheese sandwiches cut into little squares, would be sooo delicious with a big ol bowl of creamy tomato basil soup!

    Stay warm!

    xx Becky

  6. all the recipes are looks so yummi!!

  7. My two fave soup are Ellie Krieger's Beef Barley soup and Pioneer Woman's Sherried Tomato soup. These are sooo good!