February 25, 2014

Next stop: Italy & Greece

The next trip that I go on, it will hopefully be to Italy and to Greece. Since I was 16 years old I have planned on going, but life got in the way and it was the trip that just wasn't meant to be. I will not rest until I go, and that is a promise I am going to keep.
I want to go to the Mykonos Island and float in the sea.

And ride a gondola through the canals of Venice.
(Photo by Nicky Walsh)

Oh to rent a scooter and explore the winding narrow streets of Italy.

What I wouldn't give to fatten up on delicious pizza and fresh pasta, and of course all of the cheese and prosciutto!

I would love nothing more than to sit at a cafe on a cobblestone street, spending the day people watching and possibly even learning to love coffee.
(Photo from this Etsy shop is no longer available, but there are many other beautiful ones available!)

Last but definitely not least, I would love nothing more than to visit Santorini, Greece, climb the steps of the beautiful white washed buildings, and then watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea. How perfect does that sound, hey?


  1. Puglia is beautiful...you should add that to your list


  2. Italy has truly been one of the most beautiful places I have visited, and a hidden gem is definitely Verona. Not too crowded, very quaint, yet has a bit of a city feel. I recommend it!
    Personally, Lake Como is at the top of my list of places to visit in Italy!
    <3 dani

  3. I wish you will do the soonest! I am Greek who lives in Italy, so yes, I confirm you that both countries are full of hidden treasures, apart from the well known Venice and Mykonos... However, I agree that both Venice and Mykonos should be visited on your first time to Italy /Greece!http://mygenerouslife.blogspot.it/

  4. I've already been to italy & some Greek Islands but to none of the places you summed up!
    Damn, you've given me the travel Butterflies again ;)
    xo Lyn

  5. sigh. Makes me want to get inside the 3rd, 4th, and 5th photos! Such beauty!

  6. That weather looks heavenly... (sigh)
    And so beautiful!

    Isabelle @ Head Red + Blondi

  7. I want to go to Santorini SOO bad! I just got back from Italy in December and need to back to go to Venice or Verona. I hope you get to go soon!
    Pretty Lovely

  8. I absolutely understand your dream! I haven't been to Greece yet, but Italy is so beautiful! I try to spent time there at least once a year. And I can tell you, more southern is more italian! So as more you get into the South of Italy it gets more like in your pictures! :)
    Have fun and enjoy it!

  9. Stunning image... I visited both but when I was a lot younger, I'd love to do them now I can appreciate them properly :)


  10. Yayyy!
    I'm italian and if you need any help just ask for the organization! ;)

  11. Also visit Crete, in Greece...THE most beautiful island !!! We live here and we know!!!

  12. Fantastic! both gorgeous places :D


  13. italy is such a beautiful place! i was lucky enough to go on an research seminar there at the beginning of the year, 2.5 weeks of italy is not something you say no too! i've never been to greece, but it is high on my list! especially santorini, seems like such a stunning place.
    xo, cheyenne