February 18, 2014

The big bang.

I have been on a mission to grow out my bangs for the past half a year or so, but every time I see dreamy photographs like this of cute girls with pretty haircuts with bangs I always get so tempted to grab a pair of scissors and cut them off again! Hmm... what's a girl to do?!
This cut is so soft and feminine.

Love this vintage inspired bob with bangs combo.

Oh, Alexa Chung. You always know what's up when it comes to haircuts.

 Such a 1960's Cher inspired bang. Love this.

 Last but certainly not least, the beautiful Jane Birkin and her flawless hair.

 I don't know about you guys, but I am very tempted to book a hair appointment right now...


  1. Oh my gosh ... me too. Mine need a trim right now but I was thinking about leaving them to grow. But I think you've just changed my mind for me! :)

  2. if only i could have alexa chung's hair. perfection.

  3. Bangs in those photos are sure cute, but bangs take SO LONG to undo. :-)

  4. Yes bangs! I always intend to have them but usually let my hair grow way too long in between cuts. Oh but I love how it feels when they are fresh cut :)


  5. Beautiful bangs. Talking about bang I always want to have bang like Goldie Hawn but my hair won't fall like that naturally. I have to wash and blow dry my bang everyday to get the perfect one.

  6. Jane Birkin....perfect..


  7. Beautiful inspiration! I've had big bangs ever since I was 12. I'm hooked for life! I usually can only go one day with them pinned back.

    The first photo is really gorgeous. :-)

  8. alexa chung's is forever my hair goal. damn

  9. I had a post like this last week! I am so stuck on what to do.


  10. I LOVE my bangs and have had them since I was 23 (almost 30 years)! They've been long and short, tapered and blunt, feathered and choppy but always there. Now they do a super duper job of hiding my expression lines! I've seen them come and go many times, but, for me, they are timeless and classic :)

  11. Those are all great examples of bangs that turn out well! once you grow them out would be a good time to decide if you want them back!:)

  12. Aren't bangs supposed to be back? :)