February 7, 2014

Where did that week go?

Hallelujah it's Friday again! Stef and I both spent most of the week stuck inside with the stomach flu, so we have next to no concept of time, but are happy to start the weekend off on a healthy note. 
 Do you lovelies have any exciting weekend plans?
Love the colors of this pretty weaving.

Love this chair!

This card is too good!

Such a pretty grid of pots.

If you love me, let me know.

This potato salad is making my mouth water.


  1. Lovely post, lovely pics, also salad ;-)

  2. That potatoe salad is making my mouth water too!

  3. Oh what a beautiful blog! I have a friend in Winnipeg I've asked to visit your shop for me (I'm too far alas!) I've posted your vimeo video on my blog, hope that's okQ

  4. Lovely! I love the colors! :)