April 24, 2014

Green thumb.

We can't wait to fill our new studio with plants! Stef will definitely be in charge of taking care of any and all plant-life in the space seeing as how I kill everything in sight. There's a really great blog post over here about good indoor plants if you want names of plants and instructions on how to care for them if you're as hopeless as me!
This plant is perfection, as is the beautiful macramé hanger that you can buy here.

Love the look of this corner plant in a bright pot.

This is such a funny-looking plant, but I'm really into it!

I want a bunch of these chinese money plants for the new space. How amazing, hey? Photo from this lovely ladies' Instagram.

Snake plants are a must! Mostly because they look great and are almost impossible to kill!

A simple cactus and a few succulents will also be thrown into the mix.


  1. Beautiful! I've been really getting into houseplants lately... Although Aloe seems to be the only thing I can keep alive!

    feathers and ash

  2. Cactus and succulents is all I dare to bring in my home. It takes a hearty plant to survive my lack of green thumb.

  3. wow that chinese money plant is really unusual, really like it.