May 2, 2014

Friday love.

Holy moly it's May! Happy Friday everyone! Do you have any plans for the first weekend of the month? We're going to spend it working in the studio, painting and setting things up, and we can hardly wait! 
Ack! Love this outfit from head to toe!

This print is picture perfect.

Mmm...this roasted chicken with orzo is making our mouths water.

How amazing are the colors of these exteriors in India?

Absolutely drooling over this shelving unit!


  1. I love hat building, amazing!

  2. I friggen love that outfit!!
    It'd go great with that place in India! c:


  3. great inspiration!love the first outfit!
    enjoy the weekend

  4. Happy weekend! I'll have a big family gathering this weekend. Looking forward to it! :)

  5. So I'm obsessed with that house in India, and I browsed through the other photos of them, and they're just incredible. Like, wow. My husband is going to have to deal with the painting frenzy that I'm about to go through... haha

    <3 dani

  6. I love that shelving unit but, clumsy as I am, it wouldn't last that long!

  7. It's funny how absolutely modern those 60s photos look. I mean I see plenty of bloggers dressed almost exactly like that. Maybe not the hat, but that coat is just amazing.

  8. ohhh! The roasted chiken looks so yummi...