May 30, 2014

It's the freakin' weekend!

Thank goodness another Friday is here! This week went sailing past, as they all seem to lately, but we couldn't be happier that it's the weekend! Do you have anything exciting up this weekend?
Sassy Lolita!

The prettiest bird you ever did see.

Really love this saying.

This transformation is pretty unreal!


  1. So cool, adore all your inspirations !!

  2. Have a happy weekend!
    I actually plan to do as little as possible. I'm really up for a weekend of lounging in my reading chair or catching up on some tv-shows. And blogging, haha, I'm very excited about blogging!

  3. Dolores Haze is one hell of a style crush! <3
    That bird is so neon, woah.

  4. Love the quote. You have such good taste!

  5. I love this:) I have a lipstick the color of that bird! :)