May 13, 2014

Long hair, don't care.

Last year I chopped over a foot of hair off and I have been sorta dreaming of having long hair again ever since. I wasn't intentionally growing it out, but I have just been sorta lazy with haircuts over the past while and it is slowly starting to creep up on me again. Now that summer is just around the corner I am thinking of getting a new 'do and these are some pretty styles that I have had my eye on lately:

Absolutely loving this retro inspired combo of winged liner and long bangs.

Whoa, these double braids are pretty incredible. I always get so lazy when it comes to tying new styles, but I would love to attempt this one day.
This combo of long locks and blunt bangs is so cute, and is sorta tempting me to chop mine again...

Pretty waist-length soft waves. The perfect look for summer.

Are you dreaming of long locks now, too? 
XO, Stef


  1. i have really long hair and thing about a shorter cut :S

  2. Will you do bangs? I keep going back and forth. I have long hair and have had bangs (and love them until I have to grow them out).

  3. My hair is super long now. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT D:

  4. I'm going my hair out too - I've decided, yep.....I WILL NOT CUT IT ANYMORE!

    ......and the girl in the first picture - how beautiful is she?

    Dear Thirty – Vintage Lifestyle Blog

  5. Adore all these pics so wonderful :)))

  6. Beautiful pictures! I have been unwell and had to have my hair all chopped off a while ago. I've been getting better though and have got very excited to see it grow again. This post has made me even more excited about getting it nice and long :)

    Faye |