May 16, 2014

Long weekend love.

It's Friday and it's beautiful out, so naturally we're in a good mood! We have been busy transforming the studio, giving everything a fresh couple of coats, and it's looking pretty darn incredible, if we do say so ourselves! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? It's a long weekend for us, and we are going to a show tonight and then back to paint more window trim and baseboards over the next couple of days. We hope you have a fun and safe weekend, whatever you're up to!
A nice manicure and a cold beer...what could possibly be better?

Wouldn't that be nice...

I've made this recipe twice this week and I don't plan on stopping.

I recently started following the lovely "maggiestoody" on Instagram. I love the look of her photos!

How delicious does this watermelon margarita look?!


  1. Oh my gosh, I have been craving fruity margaritas. And that asparagus looks so yummy!

  2. mmmmmmmm that asparagus looks so good!! Normally I just bake mine with salt, pepper, and olive oil...but this looks too good to ignore! And that watermelon margarita looks too good!

    Toodles, Jess (

  3. That watermelon margarita looks absolutely incredible! Going to have to getting going in make one of those ASAP!


  4. Bring on the Watermelon Margaritas please! Cheers xxx

  5. that asparagus looks delicious! I'm so glad it's asparagus season. and that watermelon marg looks amazing. happy sunday!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  6. water melon marguerita looks delicious!!

  7. The asparagus is making me hungryyyyy

  8. Wow thanks for the compliment! Love your photos as well!

    PS gonna make this watermelon margarita asap