May 26, 2014

Real talk.

Oh boy, it's Monday and I have a bit of a doozy of a post for you guys today (It's Erin here by the way). I have been putting this off for quite awhile now, not knowing how much of my personal life I really want to put out here on the world wide web, but here goes nothing...
Ok, time for a little real talk.
I'll start with the heavy stuff. Some of you may know this already, but for some it will come as a shock.  I recently left my husband Derek. Whoa, there...I said it. We have been struggling in our marriage for quite some time now, and I decided to move out of our home that we lived at for the past four years, a few weeks back. I don't feel comfortable getting into too many details because it is a very personal matter, and I don't feel as though I owe anyone an explanation. It was an extremely hard decision to make, one that I didn't make lightly because he is truly an incredible man and I realize how this affects our family and friends, but at the end of the day both Derek and I deserve to be happy. That said, I was lucky enough that Stef was gracious enough to let me temporarily move into our studio until I find something more permanent. I don't know how I will ever thank that woman for all that she has done for me in the last year especially. 

It's no secret that I have a lot of stuff. Clothes and knick knacks galore. Moving is the best time to go through all of your crap and trim the fat. So that's what I am doing! I will be having a big garage sale here in the studio! For those of you close by, come and check it out and bring a friend!
Saturday, June 7th from 10 am - 5 pm.
The address is 221 McDermot Ave, and the door is in between our shop Rhymes With Orange, and our lovely neighbours Tiny Feast. Follow the signs.

In more positive news, I also started a new job! I will be serving and bar-tending at Market Burger (the place that Stef and I designed the bathroom last Summer) part time. They have an amazing rooftop patio and I love my co-workers and am really excited to start making a little extra cash to chip away at my debt. For those of you in Winnipeg, come and visit me! I will be slinging burgers and beer all Summer long at 645 Corydon.

All I can say through all of this is: Thank goodness for supportive and loving family. I realize that a lot of people won't understand my decision, and that's ok, but everyone has been extremely generous and loving to me during all of the crazyness that is my life. 
A couple weeks back my siblings and I put on a brunch for my mom at my sister and her boyfriend's place in their front porch, and it was so lovely spending time with the ones that I love.

I even made crepes for the first time since my Kawaii days.

After we stuffed our faces, my mom and sister and my brother's girlfriend and I headed out to a few local greenhouses and poked around for hours. 

I've been going out thrifting as much as I can. It's one thing that is very therapeutic for me, and is a great distraction from everything that is going on.

I bought this mint bag off of a customer in the shop the other day. She walked in and tried to sell me some stuff that I wasn't interested in, but then I spotted her bag and asked her if she would be willing to part with it. She left a few moments later with a paper bag for her things.

In the process of moving, I have been purging a lot of my things, and have recently added more stuff to my Instagram shop. I will be adding a few really cute pieces later today, so keep an eye out!

Alright, well that's enough out of me for now. The past two weeks have hands down, been the craziest/most stressful weeks of my entire life. Separating from the man I've grown up with over the last ten years, packing up all of my belongings and moving within 24 hours, and starting a new job. Yikes. 
If you could send good vibes or prayers both mine and Derek's way we would really appreciate it. This isn't easy or fun, for either of us, but in the long run, we are both going to be ok, I'm sure of it.

xo, Erin


  1. wowza...that really takes balls. sending good vibes, girl! see ya at the sale! i want all of your shit :)

  2. I read your blog all the time but I don't think I've ever commented - sending lots of love your way, good luck with everything in the future! (:

  3. I have been there, woman. It turned out to me the major turning point in my life... in the right direction. Lots of loves your way!

  4. Wow, not easy. Any of it. Hang in there...things won't always be so hard. xoxoxo

    grace (

  5. wishing all the best for you, erin!

  6. I'm addicted to the gloriousness (not a real word) that is both you and Stef but I've never left a comment before now. You have managed to sound so amazingly together in this post, I'm in awe. I'm not sure what the right thing to say is but I wish you and your husband all the best in the future.

  7. Awww sweetie..yes all the best for both of you.

  8. Personally I like it when people share more personal bits, although I am guilty of keeping things inside. Everyone has their struggles and reading/sharing with others helps whether it be good or bad. This post was beautifully put together.

    side note @ Rachel Poklitar I love all your comments if I have that saturday off from work I will try to swing by as well.

  9. Hey :) really sorry to hear about this. It's nice that you feel you can share it with us but understandable that you don't want to say too much. After all it's personal and I guess our blogs feel like big parts of our lives but at the end of the day, the two are very separate things. Good luck with everything in the future. It seems like you have lots of people to help you along the way :)

    Also, that mint bag is beautiful!!

    Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  10. Oh, Erin! I'm so sorry, but I'm sure everything will turn out for the best when all is said and done.
    I'll try to pop by your sale on the 7th.
    All the best,

  11. love you Erin. Big hugs and prayers. xoxoxoxoxo lots

  12. Hard time you live, but the best is to come for sure :) M-C

  13. I know this post must have been hard to write. I've been there, and none of it is easy or fun, just like you said. When I was in that hard place last summer, this quote really helped me out: "Sometimes, good things fall apart, so better things can fall together." And for me, this was so true. A year later I'm planning a wedding with my soul-mate. Whatever your better things are, I hope they reach you soon!

    xo Hanna

  14. Good luck! xxx

  15. Hello Erin, thanks for sharing your feelings and life with us, it requires a lot of strenght to write in your blog such personal details. You know it's a phase in your life, you are looking for your happiness so go for it girl! Doesn't matter if youhave to change your life, it's for the good. Soon the storm will be gone and the sun will shine hard :) Sending good vibes from Portugal and a big hug.

  16. Hey Erin, sending you and Derek good vibes and wish you all the best in the process of recovering from this separation. You are both brave to try to take separate ways and see how this goes. Focus on yourself, try to have fun and wounds will heal! Wish I could come over to your garage/studio sale!

  17. Thanks for writing this very brave post! Hugs! xoxo

  18. Hang in there, Erin. I can't imagine how hard it is right now, but you're right that it will get better. Good for you for taking strides that will lead to your own happiness:)

  19. I do hope you both will be happy. I think it also is mostly being scared to leave something you have know for so long, it is weird. But everything happens for a reason I think. Good luck!

  20. Long time reader first time commenter.

    I will absolutely be keeping the both of you tucked up safely in my thoughts while you navigate your new waters.

    Be well and breathe.

  21. Hey Erin, I just read this. I love you IG photos and saw thing slowing down there. I guess you really didn't have little things like that on your mind lately. I'm sad to hear about your split but also admire your strength to follow your heart. One life to live, never surrender. I'm putting your sale on my calendar!