June 11, 2014

A little update of my busy week.

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone that made it out to my garage sale last weekend! I had such a fun time, and can hardly wait to do another one in the near future. So, if you missed it, keep an eye out!

Some of the knick knacks that were available.

It's not a fun garage sale without boozy drinks! I made my favorite boozy watermelon juice, porch climbers and white peach sangria and had a donation jar set up to help cover the costs. The drinks and cookies that my mom so generously brought along were a huge hit!

I was debating selling these bad boys in the garage sale, but I'm really glad that you guys convinced me not to sell them via instagram!

It's always a good day for a hot dog!

After the successful garage sale and my crazy week of working both jobs, I felt that I had earned a mini shopping trip, so I hit up the mall and left with these overalls (from Forever 21) which I plan on wearing all Summer long.

Starting to get the studio back in order after the whirlwind of a garage sale this past weekend!

Yesterday I had the day off and spent the morning at two of my favorite thrift stores. This couch definitely caught my eye!

After thrifting yesterday I drove to the country to see my parents and go to a funeral for one of my mom's dear friends. It was a long and heavy day, so it's nice to be back at the shop today, getting stuff done. 

XO, Erin


  1. I'm glad your garage sale went so well and I am sorry about your mom's friend. That couch, by the way, IS really cool! (Rob)

  2. So jealous of anyone that got to shop at your garage sale! So much great stuff

  3. Hi Erin,
    is it possible to get the recipes of the boozy drinks? They look delicious. Thanks, Anja

    1. Hey Anja! We actually posted the boozy watermelon punch here last summer: http://ohsolovelyvintage.blogspot.ca/2012/07/fizzy-watermelon-pink-lemonade-recipe.html As for the sangria, I just used half a box of white wine with one box of peach/orange juice and cut up some fresh oranges and peaches and threw them in along with some white grape juice. The porch climbers is 1 can of limeade and 3 cans of beer, topped with gingerale (I added some vodka too). Enjoy!

  4. Your blog is gorgeous! I wish I got to go to your lil sale :)

  5. What a lovely couch, defenitely an eye-catcher!

  6. The nifty couch and chair need to go home with you. Both of you have such a great eye and fresh style that what often gets overlooked as "dated" becomes "awesome"...yes, they need you! :)

  7. Those overalls are so cute on you! WTG with the sale and even offering yummy drinks and snacks...now that's a great sale!!