June 24, 2014

Cactus crazy.

I like that you can get a cactus in pretty much any shape and size, and they are practically impossible to kill. We're still on the hunt for a few more bigger plants for the studio, and a few cacti are definitely on the list.

Love the pots on the left // How stunning is the rat tail cactus on the right?!

I recently stumbled across @cararobbins on instagram, and found this gem of a photo there!

I like this mix of pots and plants.

This illustration by Sian Keegan is pretty great!


  1. I love cacti! Currently planting some in my yard :)

    <3 a Girl on Rope

  2. That "I will survive" pot in the fourth picture is seriously perfect.

  3. Adore cactus too so nice illustration :)) M-C