June 6, 2014

Happy Friday!

Thank goodness it's Friday, at long last! What a week! Looking forward to finishing up work and then getting everything set up for the garage sale tomorrow. After that I'm not going to leave my bed for at least a full day. What are you cats up to this weekend?
Ack! This car! That building's exterior! Someone take me to Amsterdam, stat!
Photo by "Gemagenta" on Instagram.

These olive oil donuts look amazing!

This little side table is picture perfect. I may see a DIY in my future...

This is ringing pretty true lately. This morning I found out that my mom's good friend Joan lost her battle to cancer. She was such a crazy and wonderful woman, and will be missed by so many.

Love this photo of Marilyn Monroe!


  1. Green / Donuts / Polka dots / my world (as well) :} :}

  2. Marylin is such an inspiration, an icon, a legend :)
    Hope the garage sale is a sucess, I wish I could see all those lil' treasures but I know you will document the event and post about it. xoxo

  3. Donuts definitely look amazing. Especially since it was a donut day :)


  4. Love that photo of Marilyn and those donuts. lol