June 27, 2014

Long weekend love.

At long last, it's Friday! Yipee! We have a long weekend here in Canada and we're pretty excited to get an extra day off! Do you guys have any plans for the weekend?

Oh man, this kitchen is incredible!

How dreamy is this chair from Anthropologie?!

This is what I want to wear all Summer long.

I made strawberry rhubarb jam last year, and this photo has me wanting to make more!

Happy Friday!


  1. that hanging chair is absolutely perfect!

  2. I love the yellow print!!! Fabulous "deep thinking" for the awesomeness that is the weekend. Also, love the kitchen. FUN.


  3. Love you ladies and your bloggie!



  4. My grandparents have a hanging wicker chair like the one you've posted (but painted white) and seeing that picture has brought me right back to memories of swinging on it during childhood! I might have to put that on the wishlist - so thanks for sharing :)

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  5. I love that quote, that was what caught my attention while scanning bloglovin' tonight. It's our long weekend here in the states this weekend, lots of food and fun by the beach.

  6. Thanks for the link love! I had this jam for breakfast today. It's just way too delicious! This post also reminds me that I need to make more before rhubarb seasons come to an end...