July 4, 2014

Ready for the weekend!

Whoa, this week sure flew by! It's July already? My goodness, that is hard to believe! It is finally supposed to be a gorgeous weekend here so we want to take full advantage with plenty of barbecuing and picnics in the park! Do you guys have any fun weekend plans?

Holy moly, what I wouldn't give to be taking a dip in crystal clear turquoise water right now.

A bubble gum pink couch? Um, yes please!

Always and forever a sucker for retro signs, especially like this one.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Probably one of the most romantic photos ever.

We are also wishing a happy fourth of July to our American friends! Hope you all have fun celebrating this weekend! XO


  1. I love the leaf prints! The photo of Paul Newman is really lovely also. Great post!

  2. Yes for the lovely pics & love me some Paul Newman :-))

  3. Great leafy prints! Its been a great winters weekend here, got lots done and sneaked in a trip to the park!