August 29, 2014

Rainy Friday.

Holy smokes, another week has come and gone, and it's really starting to feel like Autumn is creeping in. It's been rainy and pretty dreary around these parts but we're hoping the sun shows its' face a bit more yet this Summer. As much as we love Fall, we're not quite ready for it yet. Well, we hope you have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Daria is a total bombshell.

Another good saying.

This map of the known universe is pretty cool.

Another recipe from "What Katie Ate" that looks picture perfect.


  1. A lovely post. The photos are brilliant:)


  2. aww thanks for the link love you guys!!! have a wonderful weekend :) :)

  3. Those bellinis look so good! They are super cute too ;).


  4. I love these posts of people who are either dying for autumn, or just want a little more summer. My soul is ridiculously torn in both directions. I missed most of summer because I was studying. But ooooh how I love October!

    I'll just distract myself with the lovely things you posted.
    My favorite is the map.
    I love maps.
    I love maps more when they're creative.
    *happy sigh

  5. I love your blog so much words cannot describe! I look forward to every post! ;)

  6. Love that quote! Great selection of pics :)

    Charlie x