August 8, 2014

Slice of humble pie.

Wow, another week has flown past! We have both spent the week recuperating after the crazy whirlwind wedding weekend and have taken it fairly easy. I spent yesterday painting the bedroom at the studio and getting things in order for the wonderful Brittany and her man who are coming to Winnipeg next week and are staying at our studio! What are you guys up to this weekend?
We could all use a slice of humble pie every once in awhile.

Pina colada cheesecake? Now that's a great combination!

I like this quote quite a bit.

Dulce de leche AND nutella thumbprint cookies? Yum.

That blue love seat is the perfect pop with all of the greenery and other colors in this beautiful space.



  1. I am trying to finish up a lady gaga portrait for one of my friends... Hopefully by this weekend it shall be complete! :)

  2. Cute I love all of the pictures:)I am trying to set up my home office for blogging this weekend.

  3. My first week in Livingstone came to an end.
    Just one more week and i will be heading back to berlin :)

    love Muntu

  4. That pina colada cheesecake looks amazing! Hurrah for relaxing weekends and recuperating!

  5. Those thumbprint cookies look seriously great.

  6. I LOVE your photographs! They're all so lovely, and the compositions are so interesting :)

  7. Oh, the humble pie store. Adorable!