September 19, 2014

Friday love.

Happy Friday pals! We hope you've all had a great week and have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead! We've had a busy yet productive week and we have a lot of really really exciting stuff in the works! We'll share a little bit of what we're going to be up to in the next couple of weeks!
I like this print quite a bit.

One of our sweet readers sent us a link to their Etsy shop, and we're loving these little scalloped planters!

This. This is what I want.

These apple fritter bites look super tasty!


  1. awww that print is lovely! can i sub confetti for funfetti? hehehe

  2. Glass cabin in the woods? Emerson status. Yes please!
    Emily |

  3. I'm in love with that cabin! I could read in there all day. :)

  4. Love this first one!!!! I need to do that even more!
    Xx from the Girl in the Houndstooth Coat

  5. oh so planters are so very adorable! Goes on my list of favorites with

  6. That glassed in, isolated, amazing little nook -
    can I haz?