September 5, 2014

Sup, Friday?

Hey guys, it's Friday! Here is some inspiration to start your weekend off on the right foot:

Isn't it amazing what a difference plants make in a space?

Mmm... I think it's about time that I made some more homemade ravioli because these look unreal.

 Stripes + denim. Always a favorite combo.

I have these exact chairs but these beauties have been recovered in such cute fabric!

Loving both the placement and the style of this tattoo.

Happy Friday friends! XO


  1. Just the idea of vases with water near a keyboard and computer makes me cringe…accident waiting to happen haha, but it does look cool. And I love that desk chair!

    Have always wanted to try ravioli as well :D

  2. Plants really do make a difference! If only I could keep them alive.......... :-/


  3. Amazing chairs. The upholstery bring them to life.

    Always love this tattoo style. Reminds me of work by a London artist called Rebecca Vincent. You should check her work out.


  4. I adore the chairs. I love the fabric too. I have my new quill tattoo in a similar place as the rose. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable and I adore it.

  5. I love your blog! It's so cute and perfect :)

  6. I love your "inspiration" posts!
    ALso, stripes + denim is a favorite!! <3

    Ester :)

  7. I think I should take a re-upholsterly class one day. There are so many sweet, odd pieces of furniture out there just waiting for new fabric to make them fabulous. Gosh, it'd make some lovely diy, yus?

    I should really also learn how to keep plants alive. Seems to be a struggle for me. :-/

  8. I LOVE each and every photo in this post!! Especially the first one, I'm such a huge fan of fifties furniture and green plants. Great stuff, thank you for sharing!
    xx, Sarah