October 24, 2014

Cozy Friday love.

You know those days where you're just exhausted and would give just about anything to escape to a cabin in the woods? I could use a wood stove, and cozy blankets and a good book and a hot cup of tea right about now. At least it's the weekend, and we're leaving in just a couple of days! One more day of work! Woop! I've been in holiday mode for like a week. Ha. Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend!
This. This right here. Is all I want.

I wanna sit in my sweatpants and eat a whole lot of these.

In my dream cabin situation, this fireplace would exist.

This (sold out) teapot is just perfection. 

You can't be at a cabin without cozy things like these incredible scarves that my friend Christie makes. You can follow her along on Instagram for now. 
Photo by Nikaela Peters, and the babe model is our friend Janessa Brunet! 
I got to participate in a trunk sale last night with Jill of Tony Chestnut and Christie, the amazing scarf maker and had such a nice time! I am so proud of all these amazing women in our city.


  1. I love these kind of fireplaces....they take up less room as well! ;)


  2. Oh my life, that tea pot is amazing!!


  3. I'd give everything to have a room like this one

  4. I love everything here! Especially the first room!


  5. Holy dream cabin is right. Now is the time for cozy days!!!!! The colours in this blog are stunning - I LOVE your instagram account too!! // Caroline [ thestokeronimethod.com]