December 15, 2014

Erin's wishlist.

Well, every year we put together a wishlist before our birthdays and Christmas- you know, for those clueless ones in your life ;) and this week I finally finished mine. This week not only did I quit my job at Market Burger, Stef and I are closing the shop down, and I am turning 30! It's a week that I'm sure I won't forget, but am also kind of excited to get over with! I think I may ring in the new year doing a little online shopping...

You can shop these items here:
One - Sweater
Two - Earrings
Five - Chandelier
Six - Purse
Seven - Black boots
Eight - Oxblood boots
Eleven - Jacket
Twelve -  Vintage spice rack
Thirteen - Slippers


  1. Billie Holiday is just amazing <3 xx

  2. lovely list! shoes #7 and jacket #11 are my favorites, so pretty!
    xo, cheyenne

  3. Those Oxblood boots are exactly what I need. Why is it that I never simply want boots... I always neeeed them?

    xo Rachel

  4. That chandelier looks quite rad, and the slippers look wonderful! Great list! - Tessa

  5. LOVE all the gold - especially the chandelier and charger :)