December 2, 2014

Shop Thought Shapes

Well friends, it's been a busy couple of days over here and I'm excited to announce that I launched my new online shop today and I'd love for you to check it out. There are still a few weeks until Christmas, and let me tell you, they are so cozy and would make a great gift!

The sweatshirts come in 8 different color options and 6 different sizes. 
They are made of 50%cotton and 50% polyester with iron on letters. They are extremely comfortable and machine-washable!

You can also follow along on Instagram and Twitter.

You can also make your own sweatshirt! Just enter the exact spelling and breaks that you would like, pick your color and size, and voila!

If you live in Manitoba and would like to pick up your sweatshirt at the shop at 223 McDermot Ave, I will not charge shipping, and if you live inside the city and would like free delivery, I also offer that!

More exciting news: I am doing a giveaway of one of the sweatshirts! You can enter here by checking out the shop and then leaving a comment below (with an email address) telling me which your favorite sweatshirt is! 
You can also enter on Instagram by following @thoughtshapes and reposting any of my photos of the sweatshirts and then using the hashtag #freethoughtshapes
I will be choosing a winner tomorrow at noon!

XO, Erin


  1. I love the "I hope your day is as nice as your butt" sweatshirt. So sassy.
    -Kerilee (

  2. I love the Fitness sweatshirt! That's definitely my kind of fitness :)

    Sarah (

  3. The "I hope your day is as nice as your butt" sweatshirt is the garment I want and need. (

  4. I live by the motto that every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough, so I'm obviously a big fan of the fitness this whole pizza in my mouth one. Thumbs up.

    Lisa (

  5. Very cool items!! Best of luck with the shop :)

  6. Huge FNL fan here--would love to sport a "What would Tami Taylor do?" sweatshirt to show my undying devotion to Ms. Britton!

    -Shea (

  7. as much as i love tami taylor, i love pizza way more. whole pizzas, really.


  8. Currently obsessed with Friday Night Lights ... so obvs "What Would Tami Taylor Do?"
    -Alyssa (

  9. hahah these are seriously so cute and perfect for anyone! I love the pizza one the most!

  10. "I HOPE YOUR DAY IS AS NICE AS YOUR BUTT" Now that is a message I can get behind! ;)


  11. Choose your words" is my favorite. I would probably wear it around my husband on "certain" days of the month.

  12. I love the "Brunch Is My Spiritual Gift"! And it really truly is!

    Thanks ~ Jesse

  13. Hey, I love these sweatshirts and I love this blog even more!

    Do you ship internationally? There's no info on that on your shipping page. I am in the UK

    Tabbie xx

    1. Yes when you reach checkout you will see it's $10 to ship internationall :)

  14. What an exciting endeavor. I hope your day is as nice as your butt.