June 15, 2015

Feet in the ferns, head in the clouds.

Why hello there! It's been a busy week yet again, jeez Spring is ripping past hey?
I have one more day left in Winnipeg before I jet off to Ottawa & Toronto for a week, and I still have a trillion things to do and I need to pack. Gareth is working in Ottawa and left last night, and I'm meeting him there on Tuesday. The head office of Shopify is there and he goes out every two months or so, and I thought it would be fun to tag along! I'll have Tuesday-Friday in Ottawa and will have the days to myself while he works and I plan on doing a lot of wandering. On Friday I fly to Toronto to visit a few friends, and I can hardly wait! It'll be good to escape the city for a bit, even though things are really good here these days.

I bought this beauty of a record player for Gareth for his birthday a few weeks ago, and I can't get over how pretty it is!

My sister took this photo of Gareth and I on the trampoline a few weeks back. Triple exposure and it turned out so great!

Another exciting thing happened this week - a certain someone bought a new vehicle! The sunroof (aka magic sky control) sealed the deal.

A few nights ago I had a date night to go see Purity Ring. They were so so good live!

Yesterday I purged my closet yet again, and pulled a few beautiful collared gems out of the mix and posted a bunch of new stuff over at Thought Shapes!

This pretty blouse is for sale.

I realized that I have duplicates of most of my favorite things, and that's one too many. Who needs two fireplaces, two record players, two bikes, etc etc. So, if you are here in Winnipeg, check out Kijiji where you can find a bunch of my really wonderful pieces that were really hard to part with. Go to our Facebook page and click the links in the photo descriptions. 

A few more housewares over at Thought Shapes. Seriously, go shop! 

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  1. Oh to have a permanent address to even consider buying your amazing cast-offs! :)