August 23, 2015

Our last pop up, and the next.

A few weeks back, we participated in the second Wildwood Rose Vintage Festival. The first few hours were great. There was an amazing turn out and the sun was shining temporarily. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in, and before we knew it the rain came and put an end to our day. There was one point where we saw a wall of rain out of nowhere and in the 20 seconds we ran to get our giant tarp to cover everything, it was too late. Everything got soaked, so we spent the rest of the day doing laundry and wiping everything down. That said, it still was a pretty fun day, and we are looking forward to the next event which is only a week away!

Next Saturday, find us here:
The Good Will Social Club at 625 Portage Ave for the "Smart Design Mart". We'll be there with a bunch of our friends from noon until 5, so come and find us! Click this Facebook page for more info.

All set up!

This girl's outfit was so on point - roller-skates and all.

 The day started out nicely, and we are getting pretty quick at setting up!

Unfortunately we are the only ones there without a tent to cover us, so this massive tarp helped...a little bit. At least friends showed up!

Thank goodness for wine and good friends to get you through the day!
See you at the next one, which thankfully is indoors (and sangria is on special!) so it won't matter what's going on outside, it'll be a party on the inside!

Hope to see you there!
XO, Erin & Stef

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  1. Amaze-balls! How lovely!! I wish to have places like yours in the South of France, just because I live there :)) Retro *is* Lovely!! Kind regards