A little bit about us:

Hello there! We are Stefanie Hiebert and Erin Thiessen, two friends from the Canadian prairies with a shared love of vintage. Together we own a vintage boutique (Rhymes With Orange), write this blog, and run a mobile shop from inside of a renovated 1956 camper trailer. We both love to travel, experiment in the kitchen, dabble away on our sewing machines, and of course thrift. This blog is about our daily lives, things we find inspirational, and our adventures in being new business owners.

A little bit about Stef:

Hi there, I'm Stefanie and I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart, Emery. We live in a quiet French neighbourhood in our cozy pre-war home. I love atomic era furniture, listening to crackly old records, and hosting dinner parties. Oh, and I have a major weakness for a good cheese platter.

Here are a few of my favorite posts: our proposal story, our wedding, and our honeymoon to Europe. I also did an interview with Frankie Magazine about my vintage inspired decorating style in my home.

A little about Erin:

Hello! I'm Erin, the other half of Oh So Lovely. I love spending time in my kitchen, poking around in flea markets, and I have too many vintage kitchenwares for my own good! This past year has been a crazy one and I am now living by myself in our studio above our shop.

Thanks for stopping by! xo


  1. Loving the new layout ladies! :)

    Lulu xx


  2. i like the layout of your "vintage" blog. i am inspired.



  3. yay Winnipeg (I live in Portland OR, but I lived there until I was 17) Beautiful Blog!

  4. I love you gals. I'm so happy that you share your beautiful vintage-loving lives with us.

  5. Wish I had cool vintage loving gals like you two to hang with!