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  1. Hey! I see that you have a vintage blog (looks lovely! some gorgeous dresses on the "outfits" page!) and was wondering if you'd be interested in mentioning my vintage clothes site on it? I'd be ever so grateful, and in return would promote your site :)

    Please take a look!

    Best Wishes,



  2. Hello there,

    Love the things you post as always. You might have done this but since I only have a few favorite bloggers I thought I'd tagged you for 'Liebster Award'. I would be delighted if you could check it out:)

    Jillian x

  3. You guys are based in Winnipeg?! I brought the wife and son here from Germany for the summer just so the parents could see little Drake Winston and feel absolutely miserable- the place seems to be falling apart and closing up. I found you whilst looking for a shop called 'Rhymes with Orange' which I now presume is yours- where is it? Don't tell me it's closed up as well! I need to stock up my classroom when I get back-

    1. awh, im sorry you felt that way! that's too bad! yes, you were correct in thinking that rhymes with orange is our shop! we are still very much open (monday-saturday from 11am-6pm) and we are located downtown in the exchange district at 223 mcdermot avenue. hopefully you get a chance to stop by! xo

  4. Hi,

    Love your blog. Would you consider mentioning or placing a link of my new online True Vintage Thrift Boutique for inclusion in your list of recommended shops! In turn, I will do the same!
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  5. Hey I saw a photo of you guys in front of a cool vintage trailer on you have any more photos of that trailer? It looks great.

  6. WOW just discovered you page and have fallen in love. Will be visiting daily! Liked your Facebook page and following you on Pinterest.

    I own a lovely little shop on ETSY called Earths Trove.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Lovely Blog & all the work you do, Ladies!
    Also I must say a different kind of Blog, finally, just how I like it :-)
    Oh so lovely ~ I could say.. Regards

  8. Stef & Erin,

    Wonderful blog! It is clear that you place a lot of effort and care into it. I look forwarding to reading more from you ladies. I would like to ask a favor of you. I am a manager at My boss (the owner) and I would be honored to have you promote our company on your website. We would, of course, do the same for you! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at Thank you so much for you time!

  9. Hey!
    I simply just LOVE this blog.. It's so cute, unique and original!
    I like just scrolling through it and looking at all your pictures!
    I know you probably get this a lot.. But I was wondering if you would take a look at my blog, and maybe rate it?
    Lots of love - Maria

  10. Hi my mom use to buy this geletin product it was pink in color it was foamy i think by dream whip she would use a mixer pour it in parfiet cups it almost had like little air holes when you scooped some out where can i find any??? thank you

  11. there was this pink dream whip my use to buy she would use her mixer then pour it into parfiet cups, it was kinda foamy litlle air holes in it real fluffy where can i find any???

  12. Hi !
    This blog is full of happiness and colors !
    As I manage this marketplace 100% dedicated to vintage items, I am interesting to know if you would mention it in your advices?
    This website is for true vintage lovers only ! An english version is on progress...

    Tell me !

    Kind regards,


  13. Hello, I recently purchased a Pyrex 575-B 2 Qt. casserole that I'm unable to identify the pattern. It is milk white with pink daisies. It appears to be the reverse of the pink daisy with white flowers. Can you tell me if this is correct? Thank you. Liz

  14. Hey guys, love the blog! I stumbled on this because I have a song I just put out called "So Lovely." It dawned on me that it could be a great little theme song for the blog, or just something you guys could use if you need a feel good poppy piece of music. Here's the link to the song if you're interested: Thanks so much and keep up the great posts!

  15. I am sorry that you are no longer in the Exchange District. You will be missed. How does one buy your merchandise.