January 13, 2011

Honeymoon to do list.

I am going on my belated honeymoon in 3 weeks, and I can barely sleep at night because I am so excited! Derek and I are going to Thailand and to Bali for 3 weeks! We have been to Thailand a couple of times, and to Bali once, so we know what we are in for, and I can't wait!

There is a place that we go to everytime we go back called "Seaflower Bungalows" and it is the most magical place on earth! The only feeling that I can describe it with is that feeling you get when you are at summer camp having the time of your life and everything is simple and you never want it to end. It's like that, but in paradise, +35 degrees and 1000 times better!
 I am going to:
scoot, eat as much fruit as possible, drink mint juleps, float in the sea, stuff my face with fresh mangosteen, snorkel the day away, read a book a day in my hammock, and eat massaman curry to my heart's content!



  1. You guys!! The website looks so great. Seriously. Love to you!

  2. ditto becca, bravo girls! this site looks amazing. i love the colours and font and layout and everything! best best best to you both