January 12, 2011

We saw the sign.

Today we ventured out on our first "oh so lovely" thrifting trip.

On our first stop we stumbled across these gems, and for anyone out there that knows us, or is getting to know us, this is us, to a tee, in vintage home appliance form!

Stef, on the left, a stunning turquoise Singer sewing machine, and Erin on the right in her orangey-red glory in typewriter form.

The typewriter immediately caught our eye, and while we were investigating it, we lifted what we thought to be the typewriter cover, to reveal the most beautiful vintage turquoise sewing machine below! We took this as a sign from the heavens, that this is what we are meant to do, so we decided to thrift on...

And luckily we did...

Watch for our Etsy store opening in March!


  1. Hey fellow winnipeg vintage lovas and bloggers! Happy new year! - Jill