February 20, 2011

The end of the plain plane. (Part 3)

 The final chapter of our 3 part Alexander Girard special!

Braniff International Airlines existed from 1928-1982. 
Alex was hired in 1965 to re-design every aspect of Braniff.

He started with the logo: the "braniff dove logo"

 There were seven paint colors used to paint the planes.

"Jellybean 707's"

 Emilio Pucci designed the attendant uniforms. 
So mod and space-like!
The "space bubble" was made to keep the hostesses dry in the rain!

Girard designed over 17,000 items for Braniff, right down to the packets of sugar, 
and decks of playing cards!
He worked together with Herman Miller designing all of the interiors of the planes

Dallas Love Field gate area

Colorful ticket counter

Girard's "new gate look" with Herman Miller chairs.

 Girard's "new ticket counter look"

We can't imagine what it would have been like to fly in the 60's, especially with an airline like Braniff!
Female passengers received roses, and steaks were cooked to order, it almost sounds too good to be true!
We would have chosen Braniff, all thanks to Alexander Girard's bright colors and little details.

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