February 21, 2011

Update of where we are: Thailand/Bali/Arizona!

We have a busy few months ahead of us, with the launch of our Etsy store around the corner and working on getting our trailer ready for this spring. We are glad we took some time to relax and recharge during the winter! Here is quick update of what our February has looked like so far:

Erin: in Thailand! Stef: in Arizona!
A typical meal for Erin:
Chicken satay with rice and spicy peanut sauce followed by a lemon shake, of course!
A typical meal for Stef:
Fresh picked citrus & grapefruit margaritas, accompanied by handmade mexican enchiladas!
Erin's wildlife sighting:
 Playing with the vicious monkeys at the monkey forest sanctuary in Ubud, Bali.
Stef's wildlife sighting:
Less animals, more shops! Arizona is a gold mine for vintage treasures.
Erin's exotic setting:
Floating away many days in Ubud, Bali at the most beautiful resort, Komaneka Bisma.
Stef's exotic setting:
Relaxing outside in the setting desert sun,
listening to the best of the 60's.
Erin's relaxing moment:
Watching the early morning surfers at
Kuta Beach in Bali.
Stef's relaxing moment:
Waking up to the morning sunshine and the cheery Americana decor on the lanai.


  1. i adore this! almost as much as i adore you two!

  2. ERIN! You are so tanned. I feel crazy about how tanned you are. Also, this is a great post!