April 1, 2011

Five alive.

These five lovely things really brightened up our week!

We both got to go on mini shopping trips with our mamas! There is nothing quite like mother-daughter time, so we just want to take this opportunity to tell our mother's how much we love and appreciate them!

This amazing vintage spring issue of Seventeen magazine printed back in 1957.

The sunniest eggs we ever did see!

Now that the snow is finally melting, we got to break out our favorite pairs of 
wedges this week!

We love coral and we love starburst prints, so this vintage inspired dress from
Anthropologie is at the top of our wishlists!

We hope you all had a lovely spring week as well!


  1. Things I love? The two of you and this blog.

  2. Awhhh thanks for your kind words Tiff! You are the best!

  3. amy got that dress! it's a beauty.