April 2, 2011

We dream of seas.

Now that the snow is finally melting and spring has sprung, we have been day dreaming about summer holidays and all of the fantasy vacations we could take. Since we have such a busy summer planned, we probably won't be getting far from home, but we thought it would be fun to plan dream outfits for dream vacations!

We would love to take a sailing trip off of the coast of Greece on a hot summer evening , and these are a few fun things we would pack for our ficticious nautical vacation! Bon Voyage!

Clockwise from top:
An oversized straw sun hat, a striped cardigan for those ocean breezes, a cute hat case, a pair of high waisted navy shorts with the cutest heart-shaped pockets, Nars matte red lipstick, a pair of adorable wooden wedges, a cute vintage-inspired gingham bathing suit, Stila shimmer to reflect the sun's rays, a striped cropped top, and the trip wouldn't be complete without a cute little striped dress with a peter pan collar.

1 comment:

  1. I want it all, I do!!! And then I'll just pack it all up and head to the beach. Great finds!! :) xoxo