April 17, 2011

There's always room for JELL-O!

Jell-O has been around since the Victorian era, which is pretty crazy, 
but in the 50's and 60's it really took off!

 Chunky monkey! These desserts are full to the brim of fruity chunks!

 The scalloped dessert looks amazing!

 Jell-o rainbow cake? Cut us a piece!

Celery and olives in a jell-o salad? Too wacky!

 Sea Dream? We highly doubt it's dreamy at all!


  1. ha! that is some nasty looking jello! i'd say, just leave jello for dessert foods... no need to nestle seafood and vegetables in there.

    you girls need to try making that striped rainbow cake. it is so beautiful!

  2. hahaahha that last image cracked me up. do people really eat that? so wrong!