April 16, 2011

Pictures of tiny humans.

Here are some insanely amazing photos of tiny people, by my (Erin's) talented sister,
Megan Kroeker.
Today just happens to be her birthday! 
I wrote a little about her portfolio that she sent off, a couple of weeks back, and I am happy to say that she got accepted (not surprising in the least) and I wanted to to say how proud of her I am!
Megan has a way with children-particularly babies (she's pretty much a bay whisperer), a way with words, and is pure magic with her camera! 
These photos are proof.
Meg, I'm glad you were born, I love you to the moon, and happy birthday!

 Introducing one of the most insanely beautiful babies, Olive.
(she's partially reliable for our Olive, because she's so darn cute, and has the best name ever!)

 Princess Leila.

 Her friend Leonard. This is the cutie pie that she nannies.

 Baby Avery. Those eyes!! He's gonna be a heart-breaker!

 Olive (part 2) and her little jowls.

 Cutie pie, baby Alice.

 And lastly, this tiny sleeping beauty, tuckered out from Folk Fest activities.

That's all for now folks, we will definitely be posting more work from my seester soon! 
xo, Erin (& Stef)


  1. Thanks for sharing. These beautiful photographs just made my day!

  2. Flerg merg glerg! these are so good. she does have a way! i should book her for a gemma photoshoot...

  3. SUCH cute kids! You make me want to take pics of my son more often!

  4. Wow, Those are some beautiful babies!