April 15, 2011

Weekly round-up.

We love getting out of the city! Went on a road trip to Carman, Manitoba this week-manditory stop at Syl's!

Wish we could get our hands on this amazing bag by Kate Spade!

If only we could get our hands on this incredible vintage "capri harlequin" canister set

This turquoise piano would be an amazing addition to our homes!

We love fun DIY projects, and this one is so simple and cute: scrabble shelves!

We hope all you lovelies had a great week!


  1. that kitchen canister set is INSANE!!! don't worry, Im still thrilled with my OSL purchase!

  2. I have some of those canisters! Not in perfect condition, handed down from my husbands grandmother. Wow!

    Happy Weekend!!