May 20, 2011

Who needs Spring, when you can have Summer instead?

Well, things are starting to heat up at our end. Temperatures are quickly rising and our to-do lists are growing longer! We have been super busy trying to get Olive finished in time for our grand opening (more on that later). We also had our first event last week, and our weekends are quickly booking up for this summer's festivities! We have some really exciting news to share with you lovelies in the next couple of weeks as well!
We will be posting a teeny bit less for the next couple of weeks, or at least while the weather stays like it is, so that we can prepare for our hectic first summer with our trailer! Keep your eyes peeled though, because like we said, good things are happening! Happy Friday everyone! Here are a couple of beautiful things we stumbled across this week.

Trying to justify buying this clock...
(Shoot! It sold! And not to me!)

 Our love of enamelware just keeps growing stronger. This bowl is to die for!

Such a cute idea!
Fun fact-after 6 or 7 years of piano lessons, the only thing I remember how to play is the theme song from 'Free Willy'. Embarrassing. -Erin

We have a soft spot for pink flamingos, but these yellow ones are pretty fun too!

Sprinkle-rimmed glasses? Amazing!

Now go enjoy your long weekend everybody!
xo, Erin & Stef


  1. OMG love those sparkle rimmed glasses!!!!

  2. Hi Erin and Stefanie!! It's Meredith (or sheepishknitcrochet) from Instagram! I finally made my way to your blog! I'm so glad I did! It is as cute as your photo streams! And it looks like I'm your 100th follower! Even more exciting! I hope you are having a great weekend! :-)